Volunteers are needed to help man the registration and check-in tables, along with goody-bag distribution and silent auction table, etcetera.
Here is a perfect opportunity for those of you who don’t live in the area to help the locals out so that everyone can enjoy the reunion.
We have broken up the registration times into 3-hour increments. Please pick a station, date, and time you would like to help.   When the time indicated has been filled, it will be tagged so that everyone knows what is still open.
Please sign in and pick a category and express your opinion or sign up to help on that station.
Thank you so much.

Select a Category from the list below.

These elected members are responsible for maintaining gathering, contacting, and guiding the Nyssa All Class Reunions:

Board Members: (total of 5 or more)
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The following stations will be under the Registration Manager and need to report to that Manager:

Class Reps. (Would like to have one from each graduating year).
On-Site registration
Process flow (on-site)
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This category is going to have a manager that the following areas need to report to for help or questions:

Power Needs - (for vendors, entertainment, etc.)
Equipment Needed - (Garbage, Sound System, Medical Station, Security).
Setup Crew - (tables, shade, chairs, etc.)
Breakdown Crew - (help pack up and clear grounds)
Parking - Transportation needs- (Handicap parking, ride assist,)
Motels - RV parking:
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This category will have several managers. Each program organizer will be responsible for managing their program:

Thursday Program:
Friday Program: (Lori Holcomb)
Saturday Program:
Saturday Dinner:
Activities: (Golf, Dance, Slideshow, Fireworks, etc.)
Class Photos: (Quick Phatography)
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In this category, the manager will be responsible for the following:

Website Maintenance
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest,
Signage: Posters, Banners, Direction Signs
Local advertising: (About Town, Argus, Malheur Enterprise)
Donation Ads-Requests:
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